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About Us

The word “rebel” – defined as one who rises in opposition or stands against – represents who we are at Mohu. Since introducing the world’s first paper-thin Leaf indoor antenna in 2011, we’ve led a rebellious revolt against cable TV by embracing the new standards for HDTV innovation. We’ve defied the confines of cord-cutting technology and have proudly led the consumer revolution to cut the cord from cable.

We offer a wide range of aesthetically-pleasing, easy-to-install indoor digital TV antennas that allow consumers to enjoy the TV they want at a cost they control. Our products have not only helped consumers save more than $1 billion by eliminating monthly cable and satellite bills, but we’ve also created a generation of savvy cord-cutters.

Further continuing our mission, Mohu was acquired by Antennas Direct, Inc., the original reinventors of the digital TV revolution. Together, Antennas Direct and Mohu have created the largest privately-owned consumer electronics U.S. manufacturer in the country. With the support of both brands coming together, we have the ultimate array of high-quality antennas that give our customers access to high-definition television, all without the high cost, low performance, and lack of customer support which pay-TV providers have become known for.

As television continues to evolve, you can guarantee that we will continue to rebel against cable, defy the traditional, and give consumers unrestricted access to the TV they want.

Celebrate Dad & ’23 Grads with 23% off!
Use code DADGRAD23 before 6/18 + free shipping on ALL ORDERS!