Scissors cutting cable cord. Roach on cable bill in the background.

Spectrum Changes Internet Cancellation Policy

Thinking about cancelling your Spectrum home internet soon? You might need to check the fine print in your latest billing statement.

Charter Spectrum makes it more expensive to cancel

Earlier this month, Charter changed their internet cancellation policy. The company used to provide a prorated final bill when customers cancelled but now they will be charged for the entire month. This means that even if you cancel service in the middle of the month, Charter Spectrum will still charge you for a full month.

Under the new policy, customers will be better off cancelling Internet service at the end of the billing period.

The official notice says:

“Effective on or after June 23, 2019 and consistent with the Terms and Conditions of Service, Spectrum will no longer provide a pro rata credit for services sold on a monthly basis that are cancelled prior to the end of the current billing month”

And Spectrum isn’t the only one with a no refund policy: AT&T and Cablevision/Optimum among others have similar policies.

This just another way Pay TV and internet companies are trying to squeeze more money out of customers.