How a Mohu TV Antenna Can Enhance Your Streaming Experience, Mohu antenna on wall with flat screen TV with football playing

Guest Blog: How a Mohu TV Antenna Can Enhance Your Streaming Experience

Streaming your TV and video entertainment allows you to watch what you want when you want it, as long as what you want to watch is contained within the catalog of content the subscription service you pay for offers.

But what if it doesn’t? What if the content you want to watch is live television, such as today’s local news, weather or live sports? For that, you need a TV antenna.

Whereas in the past, you needed a cable box to pick up local television and live TV, in the age of cord-cutting and streaming apps, you can watch the same local content without a cable box by using a digital HDTV antenna such as a Mohu TV antenna.

This enables you to stop paying for hundreds of channels you never watch. Instead, switch to streaming only what interests you, including live and local TV, by combining your favorite streaming apps including Fubo TV, with a digital Mohu TV antenna. Best of all, you even get the benefit of unlimited digital DVR to use with your OTA antenna just like you do with your streaming app.

What is the Mohu TV Antenna?

The Mohu TV Antenna is a digital HDTV antenna, otherwise known as an OTA, or over-the-air, antenna.

What Can You Watch With the Mohu TV Antenna?

  • Major national networks – Like NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, PBS, the CW and More!
  • Local news and weather
  • Live sports – Including the Olympics, World Cup, NBA Finals and Super Bowl
  • Children’s shows
  • Popular sitcoms

How is the Broadcast Quality With the Mohu TV Antenna?

A digital TV antenna gives you the best high-definition picture quality available, static-free, with HD sub-channels and digital resilience.

How Much Does it Cost to Watch Live TV With a Mohu TV Antenna

Unlike with a streaming app, which costs you a recurring fee to keep your service active, with a digital antenna, you pay once for the antenna. After that, all the live TV you want to watch is free forever.

How to Install a Mohu Indoor TV Antenna

You can install a Mohu indoor antenna to any TV lickety-split. To install it into a monitor or home theater TV with no tuner built in could be a bit more difficult, if in cases not at all possible. But if the unit is identified as a television, it will have a coaxial access point into which you can screw an antenna to attach it.

Troubleshooting Signal Issues

If no channels, not enough channels, or not the channels you want are showing from your scan, you may have to move your antenna and scan again. It may take several rescans, moving the antenna again between each scan, until you find the perfect position for the channels and reception you want.

If you’re still having trouble picking up signals, or the signals you want, there are digital antenna amplifiers and even digital antennas with integrated amplifiers built in that, just as they sound, amplify the signal they receive. This conceivably allows you to receive more signals and view the signals you do receive more clearly.

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