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Some of the Best-Kept Secrets of Over-The-Air TV

With digital broadcasting there are a ton of networks you may have never heard about. Over 100 channels broadcast for free over the air in most of the United States and Canada and many are in HD. Everything from 24-hour news channels to movie channels are free for the watching with an antenna.

Here are a few of our favorite channels.

Bounce TV

Bounce TV describes itself as “The first African-American broadcast TV network, featuring great movies, hit original series, and live sports.” It shows classics like The Bernie Mac Show, original content like Selma: A March to Remember, and sporting events like the Premier Boxing Championships.

No matter who you are or where you are Bounce TV is a great channel to check out, and they cover 67% of the United States and Canada.

ION Television and ION Life

ION is now on many major cable networks showing great classic and new shows, but did you know they have several other channels under the ION brand?

ION Life is the most widely available of these other channels over the air. With content ranging from how-to shows about fixing up your house and fashion to movies. ION TV and ION Life are a great addition to any cord cutter’s lineup.

Antenna TV

If you love classic shows, many of which are not available on DVD or streaming services, check out Antenna TV. With classic shows like Bewitched, The Jeffersons, Leave It to Beaver, and more, Antenna TV is a great resource for cord cutters.

One of the reasons I love Antenna TV is the ability to use my DVR to record the shows. They make for great background TV when you are busy around the house but want your TV on.

Weather Nation

If you miss the old Weather Channel that only showed the weather I have great news for you. Weather Nation is a 24/7 weather channel free of all the reality shows like those filling up the Weather Channel. Not only are they available free over the air in 22 states, but also they are free online or on your streaming devices like Roku.

Weather buffs and people looking for the latest on what is happening with weather around the nation should check out Weather Nation.

Justice Network

If you love criminal stories and court cases Justice Network is for you. Just like the old Court TV network Justice TV brings you inside criminal cases with great hosts like John Walsh formally of Americas Most Wanted.

Cop show fans and courtroom drama seekers will find what they want with Justice Network, one of the newest but fastest growing over-the-air networks.

24/7 News

News is often one of the top reasons people stay with cable TV, but the good news (pun intended?) is in most areas of the United States news is free over the air 24/7.

National networks like RT broadcast news 24/7 and local networks often run regional or state-wide news services free over the air. There is also often a 24/7 weather channel in almost every local market showing up-to-date weather for where you live.

So what are you waiting for? These are only a few of a ton of great over-the-air channels. Pick up an antenna today and explore the many channels you may not know existed for free right where you live.

Luke Bouma is the owner of CordCutterNews.com and is a dedicated cord cutter. Cord Cutter News gives you some of the best reviews and news about cutting the cord. You can find them on Twitter @CordCuttersNews or on their Facebook Page.